会  場:ギャラリー冬青
作品詳細:銀塩バライタプリント28点、イメージサイズ 24.0cm×30.7cm、エディション8, 2AP

Venue : Gallery Tosei
Schedule : April 3 – 25, 2020(April 9 – 25, Online Viewing Only)
Detail of works : Gelatin silver print 28 works / 24.0cm×30.7cm (image) / Edition 8, 2AP






2020年4月 浦川 和也

Looking at cityscapes in Tokyo, I often feel as if the city has fallen into a state of amnesia. 

The city has varied over time, and the changes there would be stored in buildings and monuments as memories of place. As a result, the accumulation of memories from different eras creates complexity and contradiction in the city, which in turn makes them distinct. On the other hand, the relation between scrap-and-build and the memory-loss for the city is comparable to two sides of the same coin, and the excessively frequent scrap-and-build approach overtakes the accumulation of memory. I suppose that the city can never retrieve its lost memories and will therefore lose singularity, which means losing itself.

I have photographed the architecture of the city in the hope of keeping memories of places that might suddenly be lost. However, in the course of photographing and editing, I came up with an image that was created by superimposing multiple images of a single building taken from different viewpoints, where space intersects and time is twisted. In this process, not only the building as the subject but also the surrounding environment of that are fragmented and reconstructed.

Although these reconstructed images are far removed from our spatial perception, I cannot help feeling that the complexity and contradictions arising from the accumulation of memories of places lie within them.

April 2020 Kazuya Urakawa

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Edition 1-3  ¥40,000(税抜き)
Edition 4-5  ¥50,000(税抜き)
Edition 6-7  ¥60,000(税抜き)
Edition 8    ¥100,000(税抜き)

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